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Ten Years Later - Vonna’s Healing
Continues to Confound the Skeptics

For four years, Vonna had suffered from the inexorable attack of secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.  Numbness, fatigue and eye pain quickly went from annoying to debilitating.  Tests confirmed the presence of the disease in the spinal fluid, and scans showed the telltale evidence of lesions in the brain.  A troublesome limp worsened as muscles throughout the entire left side of her body failed to respond. Getting around required a leg brace, and a cane or walker.  Anything more than a few steps became impossible without a wheelchair. 

We had to move to a single level house, and added a wheelchair ramp to make the house handicapped accessible.  Vonna was forced to close her counseling practice, and abandon her dream of becoming a licensed marriage and family therapist. 

Neurologists had exhausted all treatment options, even a rarely used chemotherapy treatment, with no relief. 

Then, a miracle occurred.

At about 10pm on the evening of June 8, 2003, a few hours after being prayed for at a church service, Vonna felt an overwhelming power course through her body as she was suddenly and completely healed of all symptoms of MS.   In moments, the four years of “irreversible” damage to her body was completely restored.  

A month later, the neurologist who had been treating her all those years examined her repeatedly, unable to comprehend how there could be no trace of what he called one of the five most aggressive and unresponsive cases of MS among his patients.  The astonished specialist agreed that the radically complete and instantaneous nature of this healing left room for no explanation other than “it’s a miracle”.  Confirming that medical treatment played no role in this “miracle”, he saw no reason why Vonna needed to take one more dose of any of her many MS medications.   Ten years have now passed, and not one symptom has ever returned. Vonna gave away her wheelchairs and resumed doing all the things she hadn't been able to do for four years.   

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  • Vonna's story is now being told as Chapter 7 of the book Miracles Are For Real: What Happens When Heaven Touches Earth by James Garlow and Keith Wall. .