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 Some of our favorite web sites:


Serious stuff

Phil's blog:   Faith for Thinkers
Our church home for 26+ years in Waseca:    Waseca Christian Assembly 

Ministering at our church the night Vonna was healed:  Heart of the Father Ministries

Our new church home in the Twin Cities area:  Hosanna!
Where Stephanie works:   Pampered Pooch Playground 
Where Vonna works:   Nystrom & Associates 
Where Phil "works":    ADC Wireless 

Intelligent discussions of science and faith:

The BioLogos Foundation

American Scientific Affiliation

Beyond the Firmament

An Evangelical Dialog on Evolution

Science and the Sacred


Less serious stuff

Milwaukee nostalgia:            Retro Milwaukee

Milwaukee Memories

Milwaukee TV


Where does Phil come up with all those words?:   Worthless Word for the Day
One of our favorite restaurants (in the Seattle area):   Rock Pasta

Completely frivolous stuff

Disgusting foods of the 1950’s:  Gallery of Regrettable Food

Even more disgusting food (would you believe “Fluffy Mackerel Pudding”?):   Weight Watcher Recipe Cards from 1974

A classic of old-time radio (only for those who think a town named “Dismal Seepage, Ohio” is funny):  Vic and Sade

Never heard of Vic and Sade?   How about Bob and Ray?

Didn’t know we owned an island, did you?:  The Wala Island Resort

Some long lost (and musical) relatives:  “Wala Means Life”

Computer programmers – cheap!    Primate Programming
"Christian humor" is not an oxymoron:  Lark News


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